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Red Things, Because…

collection by Jo Ellen Designs


haiku by Kristen Lindquist Listening to Pandora Internet Radio while at work… Ah, this song, and those last red leaves. I get nothing done.

Simply Red

painting and text by Colin Page I am a sucker for scenes of boats being worked on out of the water. The shape of the hull can be a tricky thing to get right, but when it works it can make for a dramatic shape. I stumbled onto this scene in Rockport Harbor, and wanted […]

The Beauty of Rust and Decay on the BML Railroad

photographs and text by Gregory Dunham When I first moved to Maine in 1987, Belfast had an operating railroad. The Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad shared the waterfront with a small boatyard and several other small businesses. It had an engine house and a turntable, part of which is visible in the following image. There was a […]

Party Dress

handmade by Lisa Dorr of Le Bouton Studio red linen dresses for the etsy shop xx


photographs by Levi Christiansen Levi recently relocated to Maine; in a former life he was a photographer.


photograph by Levi Christiansen for Ten High Street

We All Have Our Reasons: #9

Recent photo from a visitor:

Maine Farmland Trust