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Tuesday 207

paintings by Jessica Ives Hans and Franz are not the names of these two climbers in their white helmets; they are the names of two climbing routes — both 5.10a — on the southern-most end of Acadia’s Otter Cliffs. *** Every Tuesday The Maine will post a new painting by Jessica Ives. These small works, all 4 x 4 […]

Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Ives “I didn’t actually want coffee, but I poured myself a cup, just because the pot was there. I guess I’m a lot like George Mallory, who had similar motivation for climbing Mount Everest.” — Chuck Bonner “People ask me, ‘What is the use of climbing Mount Everest?’ and my answer must […]

Learning To Stay, To Climb, To Practice

paintings and text by Jessica Stammen On this day last year I was driving home, winding the opposite direction of downeast, traveling up-west along the coast of Maine from Acadia to Camden. Three days of adventuring in the national park with a crew of designers, marketers, and athletes from Northface had my body buzzing and […]


poem by Dave Morrison Climbing (for Alex Honnold) Force a finger into a fissure one digit deep, not even, the amount of finger pad it takes to ring a doorbell now steadies you against a hard wall that looks and feels like a massive tombstone, suspends you above a vision straight out of a dream, […]

Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Stammen About this painting: A year ago this week I went outdoor rock climbing for the first time. I was hooked – or rather, harnessed – after a challenging morning session at Otter Cliffs in Acadia. It was best not to think too much as I was being lowered over the edge for […]

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