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Schooner Time

photography by Jim Dugan Jim sails on the schooner Mary Day every year. Here are a few pictures from this summer.

Lobster for a Crowd

video by Jim Dugan

The Great Schooner Race 2015

Rockland Photographer Jim Dugan hitched a ride on the schooner Mary Day for the Great Schooner Race on July 3.

Fields Going To Seed, Schooners Wrapped In Plastic

haiku by Kristen Lindquist photograph by Jamie Bloomquist A day of sparrows in fields going to seed leaves red and falling +++ Fall leaves prayer flags. On the front porch Buddha contemplates a pumpkin. +++ Walking through Camden’s Harbor Park and Amphitheatre this afternoon, the signs of coming cold were gathering with the fallen leaves. […]

Mary Day Crew

photographs and text by Jim Dugan The folks who pull on the strings and keep the schooner Mary Day running smooth. They are all my heroes. My primary regret is that I didn’t get a good picture of the cook. Soon.

Schooner Details

photographs and text by Jim Dugan Sometimes getting closer and cropping out extraneous stuff makes a picture cleaner. (By the way, the schooner Mary Day has some space open on the six-day cruise beginning Aug. 4.) Photographer’s note:┬áThis guy is probably less than half an inch. One of the crew found him and brought him […]

Harbor Evening

photograph by Jamie Bloomquist

Moving the Mary Day Midwinter

photographs by Jim Dugan Mary Day has to make room for dredging. No pictures of the move itself; we were all too busy.

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