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We All Have Our Reasons: #1490

A status recently posted to the book of faces:  “On the way in to the Post Office to get my mail, I looked over my shoulder and up at the clock on the church spire across the street to see how late I was. The clock looked out of balance, sort of lumpy. As I […]


photograph and text by Jonathan Ives Standing at the edge of the float, watching my diamond jig dance in the black water was making my neck hurt. “You gettin’ a few?” a man asked, and I turned to see Kendrick standing beside me. He was short, with a small brown mustache. Despite the summer heat […]

Riding For Hope, Liberty, And Freedom

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson Our training plan said to ride bikes for 3 hours. Mara wanted to ride for 5. _________ Bike: 65 miles, nearly 5 hours including 3 photo stops, 2 pee breaks, 3 slipped chains, 1 lost straw, 1 map check Run: 3 miles, 30 minutes (Mara ran faster)

21 Main

window display by Jo Ellen Designs Jo Ellen Designs launched our new webstore last week. To celebrate we are offering free shipping for online orders of $25 or more. Just enter code THANKS upon checkout. Enjoy!

We All Have Our Reasons #I95

Recent status update: Rushed out the door early this morning late to meet Sharon W. in Cambridge and didn’t realize until 2 hours along at the rest stop on the turnpike that I had left my wallet at home. Lucky for me I live in a small state and who should be at the rest […]

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