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The Equinox Approacheth

photograph by Brian Willson

Long Winter

haiku by Kristen Lindquist Ghost of snow blows through the branches– fleeting dreams of spring.

A Kick In The Pants!

photographs and text by Steve Vose It was a long, cold and unforgiving Maine winter, like the kind they had in the days before global warming and Gore-Tex. This calamity of unusual weather weighed heavily on my psyche and was further compounded by my inability to pursue my passion for ice fishing due to a back […]

Forsythia & The Drain (A Lucky Study In Yellow)

photograph and text by John Ames Maine has had a lousy winter and a spring that is almost as bad. However, when this kind of extreme weather happens there always seems to be some plant or other that gets a boost from the hardship most other plants had to struggle to endure. This year it […]


via the EQ It’s late in the season, but we’re getting it done.

Community At Work

via Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Spring in Maine. Time to plant gardens, and, best of all, launch boats. We’ve seen quite a few pass by outside our office windows on the way to various midcoast launching ramps. Owners of existing boats are getting them ready, either sanding and painting themselves, or “supervising” work at […]

Not a bad way to end an afternoon of Little League baseball.

  photographs by Jamie Bloomquist


photograph by Jamie Bloomquist Editor’s note: Jamie’s photo reminds me of the Charles Hawthorne quotation, “It is beautifully simple, painting — all we have to do is to get the color notes in their proper relation.” This photographed moment looks like a beautiful painting to me; I can hear the notes of the dog splashing […]

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