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Good Morning World

photograph by Ingrid Ellison

Mt. Battie Sunrise Workout

an adventure a day for the month of December by Shannon Thompson For 12/4, 124 reps each: Squats Push-ups Walking lunges Sit-ups Tricep dips Plus a 124-second plank with four instances of cheating.


photograph by David Wright

We All Have Our Reasons: #13.1

Yesterday morning, this photo and its caption by Steve Cartwright: Marshall Point, Port Clyde…I was driving around putting up mile markers (lobster buoys) for Sunday’s Blueberry Cove benefit half marathon. There are worse jobs.

Windjammer Sunrise

photographs by Jim Dugan Rockland photographer Jim Dugan was in his kayak by 4:30am on Saturday morning to photograph the sunrise at the south end of Rockland where the fleet of Maine windjammers was anchored after the Great Schooner Race Friday. You’ll want to click the pictures to see them bigger. Schooners Victory Chimes, American Eagle, and […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #2013.168

photograph by Karen Hansen poem by Dave Morrison Today Normally I think of the sun as a single fiery entity but today it has broken into two million golden pieces many of which are floating on the surface of the bay. Conversely, I often think of the wind as a series of breaths, yet today […]

We All Have Our Reasons: #2013.

Morning hike through the clouds, Mt. Battie. Captured by Karen Hansen.

We All Have Our Reasons: #2013.90

Easter sunrise, the ninetieth sunrise of the year, on top of Mt. Battie. Captured by Karen Hansen.

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