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Hills & Coast

photographs by Matthew Mychack Camden Hills State Park and Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

The Needs Of The Spirit

photograph by David Wright The needs of the spirit are as crucial to health as those individual organs which make up the body. Florence Nightingale

We All Have Our Reasons: #803

A recent sunset captured by Alex Kozikowski:

Wadsworth Cove, 2/27/14

photograph by Gregory Dunham

Did You See This Last Night?!

editor’s exclamation above photograph’s actual caption below, by artist Gregory Dunham A breathtaking explosion of color at sunset, Wadsworth Cove, 10/11/13

Last Night’s Sunset

photograph by Karen Zimmermann


photograph by Gregory Dunham Sunset, Wadsworth Cove, 4/14/13


photograph by Brian Willson

Maine Farmland Trust