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Night Hikes

photograph by Joseph Sortwell

December Haiku

By Kristen Lindquist December 10: No Trespassing So much depends upon the grey-shingled shed full of firewood. December 9: Howe Hill deer track hieroglyphs marking the blueberry field the color purple December 8: Consolation Sunset before 4, glorious hot pink and gold– light another candle.

Sunset, Wadsworth Cove, 10/5/15

photograph by Gregory Dunham

The Long Run

ironmantra by Shannon Thompson This is the big weekend, long bike Saturday followed by long run Sunday. I have a rigorous week to come, but then my taper starts. All the hay is in the barn, as they say. Oh shit, I say. This is as good as I’m going to get. I will have to […]

Hills & Coast

photographs by Matthew Mychack Camden Hills State Park and Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

The Needs Of The Spirit

photograph by David Wright The needs of the spirit are as crucial to health as those individual organs which make up the body. Florence Nightingale

We All Have Our Reasons: #803

A recent sunset captured by Alex Kozikowski:

Wadsworth Cove, 2/27/14

photograph by Gregory Dunham

Maine Farmland Trust