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Home Grown Shapes: Wooden Surfboards Of Maine

 exhibit curated by Kurt Spurdikus at the Maine Maritime Museum In the last decade, the building of hollow wooden surfboards has taken off, especially in Maine which boasts the world’s largest wooden surfboard company and many individuals who design and build their own. Individuals who build surfboards are commonly called shapers. Homegrown Shapes: Wooden Surfboards […]

Out For A Slide During Arthur

photograph by Alex Kozikowski

We All Have Our Reasons: #1190

From a recent facebook feed: surfing in February.

Surf Oddity

short film and photograph by The Downeast Project Editor’s note: “Maine…is quite the surf oddity,” writes Alex Kozikowski, a high school senior, surfer, and founder of The Downeast Project which aims to showcase the surfing adventures of the Maine-iacs through documentary style photography and filmmaking. Enjoy this short, old-style surf film and check out more of […]

Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Stammen About this painting: Surfing in Maine isn’t for the faint of heart because the best waves happen in the winter and spring when both air and water temperatures are frigid. In this painting a sundog, an atmospheric phenomenon caused when ice crystals diffract light, appeared in the sky as my friend Sharon […]

Free For The Taking

an ongoing search by Shannon Thompson Someone tell Thorfinn we found ourselves a surfboard and we’re ready to join him across the bay.

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