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Dreams Of The Ocean

via tons of land

We All Have Our Reasons: #122

photograph courtesy of Anna Flynn

From The Studio Of Scott Kelley

paintings by Scott Kelley Camille, 2013 Watercolor and gouache on paper, 30” x 40” Self-Portrait with the Hands of a Whaleman, 2012 Watercolor and ink on paper, 17” x 22”

Woman Getting Tattoo

via the EQ A woman getting a tattoo of what appears to be Jesus Christ and an angel. Peter D. Jongeleen offered “Electrical Tattoing” at his shop on 320 Fore St., Portland, where this image probably was taken. The woman might be Jongeleen’s wife, Yvonne.

We All Have Our Reasons: #927

Recent photograph by Jonathan Laurence:

Maine Farmland Trust