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We All Have Our Reasons #I95

Recent status update: Rushed out the door early this morning late to meet Sharon W. in Cambridge and didn’t realize until 2 hours along at the rest stop on the turnpike that I had left my wallet at home. Lucky for me I live in a small state and who should be at the rest […]

The Geography Of Youth

text by Jessica Stammen photographs by Restless Collective Recently I received a postcard from Wales. Did you know that there is a couple from Maine bicycling across the country WORLD interviewing and photographing 20-somethings from all walks of life? Mo and Alan, 20-somethings themselves, funded a large part of their brilliantly inspiring and ambitious project The […]


poem by Kristen Lindquist Listen to Garrison Keillor read Kristen’s poem here on the April 4th edition of The Writer’s Almanac. Everyone in O’Hare is happy today. Sun shines benevolently onto glorious packaged snack foods and racks of Bulls t-shirts. My plane was twenty minutes early. Even before I descend into the trippy light show of […]

Atmospheric Perspective

text and photographs by Jessica Stammen I’m writing from the air right now, and I’m thinking: I’ve traveled quite a bit these past few months.  Enough anyway.  I visited a brother in Seattle, drove a friend to New York, spent a weekend dancing in Vermont, watched another brother get married in Dallas, and just now […]

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