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Worth It To Wave

text by Jonathan Ives Every day I commute down a ten mile peninsula, from the town of Damariscotta to the small village of Pemaquid. Leaving at the same time each morning allows me to drive past many of the people I grew up with. The question I have each morning: who do I wave to? My […]


poem by Dave Morrison In my rearview the glass company truck creeps up on my ass, the driver playing air-drums to some rock song with lots of cymbal crashes, and I begin to imagine the driver getting so into the drum solo that he stomps the brake imagining it to be a kick drum pedal, […]

sun goes down.

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All Across America

originally posted by Tons of Land  all across america.

We All Have Our Reasons: #8.5

Recent photo by author of reason #8:

Tom Brownell and Moving Adventuress

photographs and text by Maria Simpson for Rockport Marine Over the course of the year, I give a lot of tours to school classes. Although the teachers sometimes balk as their charges frolic through the heavy machinery and scaffolding, kids generally love the boatyard. For some kids, it is even a real “a-ha” moment–that they […]


photographs and text by Emily Qualey A friend who works at a local paper asked if I wanted to come with her to document the arrivals of students at a nearby prom. Of course I said, “YES!” These two rolled up in an old restored truck. I totally dug that the girl’s dress wasn’t your […]

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