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It’s Been A Ferry Good Week

photographs by Shannon Thompson

Julie Eaton: Lobster Boat Captain

interview by Meg Pier Captain Julie Eaton, 48, is a lobsterman on Deer Isle, Maine.  I visited the island twice this summer and while having breakfast at the Harbor Café in Stonington, admired the work of a fellow photographer hanging on the wall.  On closer inspection, I saw Julie’s card, which identified her as the artist […]

Sky Above, Sea Below

photograph by David Wright The types of weather in which you’ve chosen to photograph make visibility and clarity very difficult, which in a sense I think lends an air of mystery to the photographs. What was your interest in the idea of visibility in making these pictures? My captain jokes that if someone said, “You’re […]

Sky Above, Sea Below

photograph by David Wright Can you talk a little about the role that land plays in these pictures? Obviously the title makes reference only to the sky and the sea, but it seems to me that the elusive angular smudges of land in these photos give the sequence a sense of time passing and in […]

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