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Tuesday Tune: Swarm

photographs and text by Brian Willson This the kind of lovely August Sunday that found me working all morning at the kitchen table, running errands in early afternoon here and there, riding my bicycle up to Camden for a specific bottle of beer and a certain chocolate and walnut brownie at Megunticook Market, and hiking […]


photographs and text by Brian Willson Ah, summer in the Northern Hemisphere—the time of greatest biomass. Luxuriant foliage, swarming insects, grasses gone to seed, berries gone to fruit. And birds, birds everywhere. At least three, four times the number of birds that arrived in spring. Trouble is, it’s pretty damn hard to find ‘em. Glimpses, […]

Tuesday Tunes

photograph and text by Brian Willson What does a Red-Eyed Vireo sound like? Vireo! You might not notice, but any time you walk through a mixed woodland these days you’re liable to hear the song of a red-eyed vireo. Probably more than one red-eyed vireo, in fact. They’re arguably our most common summer-calling forest bird. […]

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