The Gentleman

My brother is a Navy pilot and his callsign is The Gentleman. He’s currently deployed in Afghanistan far, far away from his home in Maine. This is his current dispatch.

I just spent the past 48 hours switching over to days which makes my schedule much easier. I am enjoying the sun very much over here now…but it is very hot. I am still doing well with a moderately full mustache and I am about to shave my head one last time before I grow it back for the trip home. We are still on timeline for coming home; this is good.

We are doing a very cool thing over here where we fly American flags on our missions and then send them back to folks with certificates saying what jet it was flown in, the date, and who the aircrew were. We have flown over 400 already and they just keep coming in. I have attached the form that can be filled out if you want to pass the word to see if anyone wants a flag flown. They just need to send a flag with this form filled out and then we’ll fly it and send it back.  I already flew one for Dad on his birthday…surprise Dad!  I just haven’t been awake for the post office to be open because I was flying nights. I should be able to get it sent out in the next few days now that that’s changed. Alright, well…I am going to get back to work now. I can’t wait to be out of here…just counting down the days!  Peace!

Editor’s note: If you would like a flag flown in your honor or in the the name of a friend or family member please email editor.themaine@gmail. com and I will send you instructions and the form to fill out.