The Gentleman

My brother is a Navy pilot and his callsign is The Gentleman. He’s currently deployed in Afghanistan far, far away from his home in Maine. This is his current dispatch.

Heyo! I have attached a few photos of where I’m deployed that I thought might be interesting. I still don’t have any of me and my mustache but I’m working on it. We have huge mountains on all three sides of us and its really pretty. All of the snow that was on the mountains when we got here is gone now so they’re not as epic as they once were. I included a picture of a dust storm, a shot of the tents where we live (Smack Town/District 9), and the mud huts on the other side of the wire that some Afghani’s are living in. Of note: the missing pieces of the mud huts were shot out by the Russians and stray rockets fired at us by the Taliban. After five months I am ready to get out of here.

I am heading to a new location for a bit and will not be recieving any mail after the first of September. Good news to come soon!