The Maine 2010 Holidays: Sharon Kitchens Gift Ideas

Here are a few gifts I found for $100 or less to satisfy different personalities and lifestyles. Have a happy holiday!!

This one

My friends Kate and Steve produce the most delicious chocolate barks and truffles from their home on Isle au Haut, but not as many people know about their Sipping Chocolate and it is so good. 8 oz. bag $12

Rogues Gallery’s Wine & Black Coin Pouch with a roll of quarters inside for those darn parking meters all over the place in Portland. $38 (or $48 with quarters)

A gift-certificate to The Strand Theatre in Rockland. This historic landmark is plum center in the middle of a terrific main street with amazing restaurants, beautiful shops, a spa, art galleries, and the Farnsworth Art Museum. (photo Architectural Digest) $15-20

The recipient of this Squirrel Nutcracker will go nuts :) (I know, just could not resist). $20 at Jo Ellen Designs in Camden (check out their new E-Commerce site).


A hand knit wool scarf made with a skein of Quince&Co. Puffin Yarn (to me all handmade gifts are priceless, cost yarn $8.50 skein). Yarn available at KnitWit in Portland, the cutest yarn shop ever with such a sweet owner.

Wicked Good Toe Warmers from L.L. Bean (come on you knew there had to be an item from here right??). This may not be the most glamorous or creative gift, but trust me when hanging on ice after a few hours you really are going to love having these. Pack of 8, $10 **This gift would be amazing if packaged with an Acadia Mountain Guides brochure and little note reading “we are going ice climbing next month.”

Adopt a Puppy (up to 6 months) $225, other dogs $100 +. Kittens are $99 and cats $45 – 75. Senior dogs and cats or those with special needs fees are waived. **These are approximate prices, the cost/policy is different with each shelter. Just remember (and I know this should be obvious, but you would be surprised) young dogs require outdoor exercise and often times training so keep your lifestyle in mind. Older dogs (I have one I dote on) can be extremely laid back and much less likely to eat the walls of (and furniture in) your office while you are in a meeting. Research breeds, talk to a recommended vet about what average medical expenses will be…but trust me, if you can adopting a dog and/or cat may be the best gift you ever give to yourself and/or a loved one.