The Maine 2010 Holidays: So what do you get the Permaculturist that re-uses everything?

text and photo by David Homa

So how does the guy who says things like…” the greenest house, is the one you don’t build” and ” the greenest car is the one you don’t buy” … see the holiday season?  I bet you are thinking, that Farmer Dave must be so busy whittling his presents for friends and family.  Likewise, what the hell does that guy that dumpster dives for building materials want for Christmas? … Maybe a tetanus shot?

I was recently asked by my lovely girlfriend, what do you want for Christmas?  And sadly didn’t have a response.  Sure I could use a laptop ( so I could blog from anywhere), or a bio diesel powered dump truck, but so far I have managed without them, in fact I have only recently had “texting” capabilities on my phone. Then again both of those items were not in her budget.  So what do you get the Permaculturist that re-uses everything?

So here are my top five can’t miss gift ideas for people like me…(in no particular order)

1. Gift Certificates to seed and plant catalog companies…I’m partial to Johnny’s Selected Seeds,

2. Felco Pruners… the best at making my job easier… besides large quantities of cider.

3. A Membership to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

4. Carharts… any color…I’m color blind

5. Smart wool socks… I don’t wear socks from April til December, so when the winter hits I’m at a loss to find the couple of pairs I have.

…Functional gifts, things that get a ton of miles with me!