Too Much Of A Good Thing

text and photograph by Jonathan Ives

Two times a week I work at the Camden Snow Bowl teaching fourth graders how to snowboard. The hardest part of the day is not learning how to get on the chairlift or how to move with one foot strapped in. It’s when the kids change out of their snowboarding boots and have to find the winter boots they came with.

Without a doubt, the most popular boot for the fourth grade children of Maine is the camouflage boot by Bogs; and the hardest part of matching kid to boot is that they all wear the same size. More than once I’ve heard teachers and chaperons tell their kids, “Don’t worry about it now, just put that pair on and we’ll sort it out back at school.” Good luck with that!

A similar problem occurred after a recent birthday party at my sister’s house. My wife and I were the first ones to leave and I took a photo of their mudroom with six other pairs of black Muck boots the other guests had worn over. Luckily, I was the only one that wore a size 11.

I used to drive what some would consider the Maine state car: a hunter green Subaru Outback. At least once a year I would get in, only to be surprised by how clean it was, or wonder why my key wouldn’t fit the ignition. It was someone else’s car! Apparently we all drive Subaru’s and nobody locks their doors! So don’t get upset the next time you find yourself at a party with two other men wearing the same L.L. Bean flannel shirt. Instead, embrace the fact that we all know a good thing when we see it. Even if you see it more than once.