text and haiku by Kristen Lindquist
painting by Eric Hopkins

Transportation is the name of my new book of poetry, my first, received this morning from the printer. And transported is how I feel to finally have a “real” book through which to share my poetry with people. The only shortfall of the book is its lack of haiku. This is the cover image, for which I am very grateful to Eric Hopkins:

Eric graciously let me choose the work I wanted for my cover. This piece, Waterways In The Bay, conveyed to me the pure joy of taking in the beauty of this landscape we inhabit, as well as the sense of motion, of flying above it all and gaining perspective–themes that I think recur in my poems, most of which are set in a similar landscape. This is one book I hope gets judged by its cover. But I hope the words hold their own, as well.

Twenty years of words,
flashy cover–at long last,
my very own book!