Tuesday 207

painting by Jessica Stammen

Bristol Bouldering

About this painting: This past weekend was a beauty! I spent most of Sunday exploring the Damariscotta Peninsula for the first time. At the end of a hike into a sun-dappled preserve toward the shore, Jonathan broke out his climbing gear and bouldered above the high tide. The metamorphic rock formation visible along this part of the coast is impressive. From the Maine Geological Survey: “The thin stripes or bands on the rock surface are actually the edges of layers….The medium gray layers are composed of quartz, feldspar, and black mica (biotite) grains. Layers with a greater proportion of biotite are darker colored, even black. Still other layers have a greenish color because they contain the mineral diopside in addition to the pale gray or white quartz and feldspar….The layers were originally deep sea sediments of muddy sand and silt (the gray and black layers) or limy sand and silt (the green layers). They have been changed by heat and pressure into the metamorphic rocks we now see. This process of change occurred in the Devonian Period of geologic time, between 360 and 415 million years ago. At that time these rocks were at depth in a geologically active mountain system. The deposition of the original sediments occurred before then (in the Silurian Period), about 430 to 440 million years ago. These particular layered rocks are assigned to the Bucksport Formation, which extends (largely beneath the surface) northeastward to Bucksport and beyond.”

Apologies! There’s a bit of glare in the lower left-hand corner because the painting was still so wet when taking a photo of it.


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Jessica is the editor of The Maine and writes occasionally as The Outsider.