Tuesday 207

paintings by Jessica Stammen


This fall I’ve been grateful to join staff and apprentices at The Carpenter’s Boat Shop on some of their extracurricular adventures. Two weeks ago we went apple picking at Clark’s Cove Farm, admittedly doing more salvaging than picking. Crouched on the ground we gleaning dropped apples in the dappled afternoon light, each of our carefully inspected fruits (no bruises, no broken skin) destined to become cider the very next day. Just in case you were wondering, the bed of a pickup truck can hold the equivalent of three canoes full of apples. Canoes? Yes. Back at the Boat Shop, after our time at the orchard, we filled three canoes full of water and apple cider vinegar and soaked the apples overnight before pressing, which was itself an all day effort resulting in 84 gallons of the sweetest of seasonal nectars.

*10% of all 207 paintings inspired by work and life around The Carpenter’s Boat Shop will be donated back to support this organization’s students and facilities. Find out more at www.carpentersboatshop.org


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Jessica is the editor of The Maine and writes occasionally as The Outsider.