Tuesday 207

paintings by Jessica Ives


The month of May will arrive next week. I’m desiring clean, bright color and warm light in contrast to Maine’s raw and chilly mud season. I’m rushing summer by painting swimmers and sailors in the studio. I’m calling “those things that be not as though they were.”


Every Tuesday The Maine will post a new painting by Jessica Stammen. These small works, all 4 x 4 inches on cradled birchwood panels, will be concurrently listed for auction on dailypaintworks.com, a fantastic platform designed by artists, for artists. View the auction for this painting here, or simply click on the image above.

Tuesday 207 paintings are exclusive to The Maine. They depict the land, the light and the people that make this state a state of wonder. Visit the growing gallery of Tuesday 207 paintings here.

Jessica is the editor of The Maine and writes occasionally as The Outsider.


He Was Looking 8x10

Sometimes a memory contains so much light and color that I need to paint it more than once. Today’s 207 captures such a moment. I first painted the above 8×10 inch panel of leafy-watery-shade surrounding Jonathan, perched and illuminated on a friend’s dock. I felt compelled enough by the memory of this moment to go large and painted the 36×36 inch panel below, assuming such scale would allow me to work out overflowing excitement. I was wrong. A tiny 4×4″ was still in order. The opportunity to hold a memory in the palm of my hand and see it distilled through multiple expressions into such intimate immensity was a gift. Painting studies don’t always start small and lead large.

He Was Looking 36x36