Tuesday 207

painting and text by Jessica Ives


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On Monday I will take my last day trip to Monhegan for the season. My favorite walking path starts with the first step off the Hardy Boat and bee-lines to White Head via the graveyard, the lighthouse, and trail #7. The mates on the ferry probably don’t enjoy the welcoming glint and damp walls of the island’s boat ramp as much as I; they haul countless pieces of luggage up and down it twice a day. I, on the other hand, bound up its short tunnel with just a light daypack and am off running. At the lighthouse I turn back briefly to catch my breath and wave to my husband, captain of the ferry I was just aboard, now speeding back across Muscongus Bay to New Harbor, and then I make a sprint for the island’s eastern cliffs. I love to be the first one there in order to watch the other day trippers arrive and catch their breath with first glimpse of the ocean’s seeming endlessness. I watch them watch the water. I watch them watch the birds. Binoculars come out and, depending on my location above or below the topmost edge of the cliff (careful, careful if you clamber below!) figures are framed by an expanse of ocean or of sky. Both blues appear limitless.


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Jessica is the editor of The Maine and writes occasionally as The Outsider.