Tuesday 207: Spring Break Snorkel

painting and text by Jessica Ives


It’s only the last week of February but already I’m leaning forward, anticipating Daylight Savings Time, longer work days in a studio full of natural light, and increasing birdsong out the window. More wind chill advisories and snow may come, and I may not be traveling anywhere tropical in the month of March, but you can be sure I’m already swimming, snorkeling, and surfing in the studio. Studies say taking a vacation might not make you happier, but anticipating it will. Painting is, for me, an act of remembering because I work from past adventures and experiences; but it is also an act of anticipation. Oh to be that free, that immersed, that awestruck, that breathless, that filled with wonder soon — soon when the painting is complete, soon when the seasons change, soon when I am in the water again. My imagination travels and so do I. So can you.


Every Tuesday morning The Maine and jessicaleeives.com will post a new 207 Painting for sale. For a limited time these small works, each 4 x 4 inches on cradled birchwood panel, will be available for the special price of $207! Click on the image above to access the painting’s sale. New 207 Paintings will post each Tuesday around 5:30am EST and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis directly through the artist’s website (no longer through a third-party auction platform — yeah for developments in soloprenuerism!). Should a painting not sell by midnight on the Saturday following its original posting, its price will increase to the standard $300 and be available through the store at jessicaleeives.com.

Tuesday 207 Paintings are exclusive to The Maine. They depict the land, the light and the people that make this state a state of wonder. Jessica is editor of The Maine and writes occasionally as The Outsider.