We All Have Our Reasons: #523

Recent email from a friend in New York City,
with subject title “Maine on My Mind:”

so pam’s folks are leaving their long time home in Long Island to move to Virginia.
nobody knows.
what does this mean?
It means they are even FURTHER from their home in Maine.
what does THAT mean?
it means it’s time for the next generation to kick it up a notch.
what john wants:
a trip to maine
a kayak/canoe overnighter
a campfire full of food
a joke about colin’s beard
a joke about jess’ french braid
a joke about pam’s <insert something she won’t be pissed at>
and, of course, a joke about how handsome john’s red hair looks glistening off the reflection in the lake.
let’s get a late summer/september boating-in-the-wilderness where we paddle alongside a swimming beaver in quiet awe.
whattaya say gang?
colin – after you run 18 miles into a LBI headwind – you will need a canoe just to get your bonesĀ around town
jess – don’t worry, you can do pushups the entire time i’m fishing for dinner
pam – you can outfit the whole group in matching spandex (baby blue for colin)
ok – stick this trip in the back of your calendars and lets dream big