We All Have Our Reasons: #58

Polly Saltonstall reminds us: 

Standing at the checkout counter at a local greenhouse, I hear the woman in front of me asking how to get rid of this weed in her garden. As she describes it, she and the clerk flip through books trying to identify this “pest.” They stop at the page with sorrel. “Oh you can eat that,” I say. Nope not that one. Other pages show purslane, lambs-quarters, chickweed. “You can eat those, too,” I say helpfully. The woman is looking at a bottle of Roundup and at something called Preen. “You don’t understand,” she says. “This weed is everywhere. Seeing it offends my soul.” I know how she feels. But why waste a good weed? Here’s what I think: if you can’t beat it, eat it.