We All Have Our Reasons: #762

In a recent email exchange with a new reader of The Maine I learned this:

I thought I’d pass along a Maine historical note that I just ran across today. After the Halifax Explosion in 1917, there was a great deal of aid sent from New England. The conventional wisdom is that the vast majority of the aid had come from Massachusetts. But I ran across this NY Times article from Dec. 9, 1917 (three days after the explosion) and I’m quite surprised by the amount of aid rendered by the state of Maine in those desperate days. They coughed up 100,000 panes of glass, 100,000 rolls of tarpaper, and numerous other supplies for setting up a makeshift hospital. Not to mention doctors, nurses, and other professionals so badly needed at that time. I think it’s cool that thousands of windows in Halifax today have glass that came from Maine.

Maine didn’t get much credit for that…it was those greedy buggers from Massachusetts that grabbed all the glory!  So I’m sending my heartfelt thanks to your state, even if its a century late.