Wooden Bowl

photograph and text by Sharon Kitchens

Last summer, Hurricane Irene took out a tree in my front yard. The fire department (I was in New Orleans) used chainsaws to clear the part in the road (it was a big tree). For about a week a large stump sat in my yard along with a couple big pieces of the tree. One afternoon a man knocked on my door and asked if he could take away some of the extra wood. Of course he could! I thanked him and that was that. It’s not like I was going to take an ax to it.

Last week that man, who I know know to be Norm Devonshire a local wood carver, brought me by a beautiful bowl and a photo of all the blue ribbons it had won. That bowl came from the wood he’d taken off my lawn. It’s rare someone surprises me, and did he ever. In this day and age to have someone say thank you is not all that common…but this…his gift made with his hands from a tree I’d enjoyed – beautiful!  It was an incredibly kind gesture, and one that was not necessary. He’d done me a favor by taking the wood away. I feel very fortunate to have that bowl and grateful people like Norm Devonshire are in this world.